This KIT was inspired by The Roomies!


We're a DIY-craving duo with a passion for fusing creativity into our everyday experiences! We've curated this kit with activities we hope will inspire togetherness, fun, and empowerment. Whether you do all these activities in one day or spread them out over several, this experience is YOURS to create!


Creatively Yours, 

The Roomies!



  • (1) Kit Guide with directions and suggestions to guide you through your experience
  • (1) Pack of Chocolate Toffee Scone Mix: Easy 3-step recipe. Super moist and YUM!
  • (2) Pineberry Syrup Mixers: What the heck is Pineberry?! A white strawberry with a pineapple-like flavor #ThankUsLater! (alcohol not included)
  • (1) 2 Colored Tie Dye Set (colors will vary)
  • (2) Plant and Praise Activity: Speak it into existence, plant it, and watch it grow... literally! On your wildflower seed paper, write a dream, goal, or affirmation, decorate your mini terra cotta pot with your paint marker, plant your seed paper in the soil and watch it come to life!

THE KIT | inspired by the roomies

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