This KIT was inspired by Elle and Josh!


We're a fun-craving duo with a love for adding our personal touches to just about everything we do! We've curated this kit with activities we hope will inspire fun, creativity, and maybe a little risky behavior ;) Whether you do all these activities in one day or spread them out over several, this experience is YOURS to create!


Creatively Yours, 

Elle & Josh



  • (1) Kit Guide with directions and suggestions to guide you through your experience
  • (1) Reusable Mini Cast Iron Hibachi Grill, Brown Sugar Chipotle Seasoning, and Skewers
  • (2) Honey Lemon Mango Syrup Mixers (alcohol not included)
  • (1) 2 Colored Tie Dye Set (colors will vary)
  • (1) Game of Truth of Bite: One of you will be blindfolded while the other asks "Truth or Bite." Choose "Truth" and you must answer whatever question is asked of you. Choose "Bite" and you'll be fed a secret bite which you must guess what it is!

THE KIT | inspired by elle & josh

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