"A design should never be repeated twice.

There’s inspiration all around us and I challenge my clients to explore new ideas that directly reflect them."


Owner & Event Producer

Elle Bronson was born and raised in the ever-evolving San Francisco, CA. She grew up in a melting pot of inspiration and her inventive purpose in life shined early. She coupled her creativity with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from San Diego State University. Consumed with the urge to explore new inspirations, Elle moved overseas wandering the artistry and influences of 9 countries.

She brought her new insights back home to California and began assisting highly acclaimed Wedding Planners of the Bay Area. Doors of growth and opportunity then swung open, as she became the Director of Experience for one of the Bay Area's top catering companies.

Elle has produced memorable experiences for some of the world's most notable household names. The Obama Foundation, Oakland Raiders, Kaiser Permanente, Facebook, Google, Stella & Dot, Blavity - Afrotech, and many more. She has a keen eye for crafting breathtaking transformations and has become well versed in some of the Bay Area's greatest venues.​

In 2020 Elle launched her first product, THE KIT, inspired by Elle! Amidst the pandemic and no longer able to bring her clients and guests physically together, she began brainstorming how she could still bring creative experiences to people in their homes. Voila! THE KIT was curated with interactive activities, games, and recipes for people to unleash their creativity, add their personal touches, and make memories with their loved ones!

Elle has developed notable skills for producing high-touch events and genuinely connecting with her clients. Her work has been described as, “cutting-edge, creative, and fun!” Her clients say she’s "detailed, maintains composure, relatable, and selfless beyond all measures when it comes to evoking happiness and producing awe-inspiring events."

Today, Elle uniquely pairs her passion for design and business savvy to bring her clients phenomenal and unforgettable experiences.

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